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Graduation Advertising

From Horology magazine, May, 1938

Graduation Advertising

"One of the most effective advertising campaigns ever created for retail jewelers," is the way Elgin officials characterize the Elgin graduation campaign recently announced to the trade. "It is a campaign," says Elgin Vice President Howard D. Schaeffer, "which has been planned to shoot harder and straighter at the jewelers' best watch customers and prospects than any program we have conceived." 

The basic strategy behind the plan rests on the use of special advertisements created for special groups of the most prominent national magazines. The impressive Elgin story of technical advance is the theme common to all the ads, with the majority of the publications also carrying the additional story of Elgin's recent triumphs in styling. 

The major phase of the Elgin campaign is featured in a group of the most popular general magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post, Collier's, Time, etc.

This is supplemented by a campaign directed especially to women and appearing in The Ladies Home Journal and Good Housekeeping Magazine. A third cam
paign, entirely different from either of the others, reaches jewelers' customers and prospects through the pages of The Atlantic. Together, these three powerful campaigns will speed more than 26,000,000 Elgin selling messages into the homes of graduation watch buyers.

"At the peak of the graduation season," says Mr. Shaeffer, "Elgin will feature one of the most sensational full pages ever to appear in national magazines. In four colors and gold, it flashes an instant impression of beauty and richness to the reader. Featuring the newest and most popular Elgin models, it cannot fail to be a spectacular sales stimulator for Elgin jewelers." 

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