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Demagnetizing Without Heating

From Horology magazine, January, 1938

Demagnetizing Without Heating

In this age of electricity few of us ever think of the difficulties confronting the horologist of long ago. Here is an extract from a letter written to the American Horological Journal in December, 1873.

"Can any correspondent inform me if magnetism can be got out of steel, otherwise than by heat. That heat will do it I have proved, as with a magnetism compensation balance that recently came under my notice, I found that by placing the balance on a heated ferrule (having a large hole in the centre to prevent the staff discolouring) and suddenly blueing it, the magnetism had entirely disappeared.  The sudden heat, however, had put the balance so much out of truth that it was a matter of some difficulty to get it true again, in addition to which the blue had to be left on. I am told that magnetism can be more effectually and easily removed from any piece of steel with a magnet. If this is so, can any correspondent tell me the exact means to adopt, especially with a circular piece like a finished compensation balance?" 

We add to this the following advertisement of Lapp & Flershem, Chicago, which will cause many of our readers to chuckle.

Without Heating 

Watches become magnetized through being brought within the influence of powerful magnets and electrical currents.  Magnetism is produced by dynamos used for electric lighting and other purposes, rapid - running machinery, magnetized tools, and a variety of other causes. 

The daily increasing use of electricity for artificial lighting, &c., has necessitated the discovery of a means for destroying the evil effects produced upon time-pieces through having been brought into too close contact with such apparatus, or their having become magnetized through any cause whatever. We take pleasure in saying that we can, Without the Application of Heat, Without Even Taking the Movement Apart, Without running any Risk of injuring the finest watches, REMOVE EVERY TRACE OF MAGNETISM.

Our prices for this work are low, and range according to amount of work to be done.  
Send us all of your magnetized watches, and ask for our estimate for demagnetizing. 

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