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Elgin Grade 12

Here's an older one.

The notable feature here is that the dial is marked "National Watch Co", which is the original name Elgin used for the first couple of years of operation.  They changed it to Elgin National, as in the name of the city of Elgin, since people were calling the products "watches from Elgin" anyway.

This grade 12 is an 11 jewel watch, made about 1872, named for M. D. Ogden model.  It is key wind and key set in a hunter case, triple-hinged,  of coin silver.

Elgin Grade 240

The Elgin grade 240 is an interesting high end model.  It is a large 18 size watch that is designed like a 16 size Veritas.  19 jewels, double-sunk dial, lever-set, B. W. Raymond name...

This one dates to 1903.

Dry Hands?

I have trouble with extremely dry skin on my hands, particularly in the winter. Needless to say this isn't a great situation for watch work. I have tried many, many solutions, but this stuff, conveniently called Watchmaker's Salve is the best by a wide margin.

I especially like the fact that it comes in a large container wide enough for the knuckles, which I can then rub into my palms. This helps keep it where I want it and not so much on my fingers where I don't.
Dry hands? Give this stuff a try, available here:

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