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Elgin Issues New Catalog

From Horology magazine, August, 1938


Among the highlights of the brilliant new Elgin Catalog for 1939 is the brand new "American Beauty" series of 15 jewel semi-baguettes. These gracefully styled models are especially noteworthy because of their attractive consumer prices, $29.75 and $33.75. The Elgin National Watch Company anticipates a large demand for these fine quality timepieces as a result of the happy combination of high jeweling and low prices.

Every other watch illustrated in the 1939 catalog, the first to be printed in full natural color, was selected after a painstaking check on consumer preferences in style, and design, according to Howard D. Schaeffer, vice-president of the Elgin National Watch Company.

"Each model," says Mr. Schaeffer, "embodies technical advances made possible by Elgin's exclusive new optical and other scientific equipment. We feel that the new 1939 Elgin line offers jewelers a superb opportunity to satisfy every taste in every price class." In addition to the new "American Beauty" semi-baguettes, the catalog also features three other important innovations:

1. Six new watches in the famous Lord Elgin 21-jewel series, in an entirely new size-15/0. These timepieces are accompanied by two new semi-baguette models in the Lady Elgin 19-jewel series.
2. The popular 15/0 size also appears in the new, medium-priced 17-jewel series for men. Advanced styling is another characteristic of these models.
3. A varied assortment of smartly styled, 7- jewel semi-baguettes is being made available at the record low price of $24.75. 

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