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New Arrival

In for service...


A watch owner sent me this photo of the box a watch arrived in. The watch was fine.

This is really exceptional though. I don't think I have seen anything like this in the over 10 years I've been shipping watches.

I send and receive multiple packages every week. Normally USPS does an exceptional job in my experience.

New Arrival

This Waltham is one of the last in the queue for 2017.

It's missing a crystal (aren't they all?) but likely I found one (one and only one) in my remaining inventory. Hunter crystals are vanishing from the world. I wish I could impress on people just how fragile they are. They are literally like eggshells.

Hunter cases, with a front cover, are not more durable than open face cases, quite the opposite in fact.

Job Number 170063

This is an example of Elgin's grade 417, 3/0 size, 7 jewels, made about 1916.

The balance cock was pretty damaged from prior repairs. The threads on the stud screw were stripped and so someone put in a larger screw with a very uneven, worn out slot - very difficult to turn...

Then the hairspring was damaged too, bent at the stud and a cracked collet. I just replaced the spring assembly altogether. These smaller Elgins are so difficult to get going.
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Job Number 170125

Here's a nice later model Hamilton, 992b, 16 size, 21 jewels, made about 1957.

Later American pocketwatches are interesting to work on because of how refined the designs are. Springs that needed to be stronger finally are. The steel seems higher quality. On this watch the difference between lever-set and stem set has been significantly simplified, no doubt reducing costs.

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