Sunday, April 26, 2015

Elgin Grade 730, Futur

This is a grade 730 Elgin movement in a "Futur" model wristwatch. The distinguishing feature here is the "mystery dial" where the hour indicator seems to float around the hours.  The hour marker is really fixed on a rotating disc.

Also note the wrap-around crystal - no bezel.

The 730 movement is one of Elgin's best.  It features their balance that can be adjusted by sliding weights rather than timing screws.

Elgin made these mystery dial watches at the end of the 1950s.

Photo Editing

The latest Snapseed application for Android is a really nice package of photo editing tools.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


I have started experimenting with 60 fps video taken with my OnePlus One, and a few special effects.

This gives a slightly more realistic impression of the balance motion.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

An Old Bofton Watch Maker

From The American Horologist and Jeweler magazine, October, 1946

An Old Bofton Watch Maker
By Harold B. Osborne

Richard Cranch was his name, and he was alive 200 years ago, for in 1761 he advertised in the Boston Gazette that he was "in bufiness" again, this time in "Bofton," having but recently moved there from Salem. His announcement also advertised the stagechaise which ran between Salem and Boston in 1767.

Cranch's ad, according to an 1892 issue of Putnam's Monthly Historical Magazine, was as follows:
"Richard Cranch, from England, Who lately carried on the WATCH MAKER's bufinefs at Salem, hereby informs the Public, That he has removed from thence to Bofton, where he carries on the fame Bufiness, at his Shop in Hanover-Street, a little to the Southward of the Mill-Bridge. And he would particularly inform the Gentlemen of Salem, Marblehead, and the neighboring Towns, who favour'd him with their Cuftom before he remov'rl that they may have their Watches bro't to him, and carried back again to Salem free of any Charge for Carriage, by applying to Mr. Boardman, who goes regularly three times a Week in the Stage-Chaife between Salem and Bofton."

Cranch was described by the historical magazine as "the father of the late Hon. Wm. Cranch, of the Circuit Court of D. C., whose son, Christopher Pearse Cranch, is the well-known artist and poet. Then Mr. Cranch resided in Salem he frequently received visits from John Adams. His house was in Mill street, near the corner of Norman street. It is said Copley, the painter, was often here in those days." 

Final Program on "Scientific Timing" Presented

From The American Horologist and Jeweler magazine, October, 1946

Final Program on "Scientific Timing" Presented

Watchmaster Charlie Purdom, during his three weeks' stay in Denver, was aided by Mr. Hagans in preparing a comprehensive course in Scientific Timing for school and group educational use. Work was completed to the point that the courses could be finished and made ready for use in the very near future. 

Prior to Purdom's departure, all watchmakers in Colorado were invited to attend a meeting for watchmakers only, at which time the final program on this course was presented. The American Academy of Horology turned over its largest classroom for the meeting, which was held on a Sunday. Response was most gratifying; watchmakers from every section of the State were present. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Elgin Grade 27, Lever Repair

Here are a few more images of this B. W. Raymond, grade 27, 18 size, made about 1888
These details of the dial side, and the lever, show a repair job soldering on a bit of metal to make the lever easier to pull out. It was probably worn away or broken off at some point.