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Hamilton 992B

I haven't posted many photos here lately as I've been concentrating on catching up following a bit of vacation time. Just the same, I've seen some great watches over the past few weeks.

This is a real nice Hamilton 992B, one of the most commonly used railroad watches from the 1940s right up into the later 1960s. This one was made about 1947.

Elgin Grade 73

The Elgin grade 73 is an older model 18 size, 7 jewel watch.

This one, made in 1896, features a fancy dial with gold inlay details and gilt hands. It's unusual to see one of these fancy dials in such outstanding condition.

Elgin Grade 391

Here's a nice Elgin grade 391. This is a high-grade 16 size, 21 jewel railroad watch featuring an "up/down" indicator which shows remaining runtime on the mainspring.

This is a B.W. Raymond movement, made about 1911.

Elgin Advertising, 1927


A wonderful thing, indeed, is a watch that has been with you for many years.  With it you associate the fondly remembered yesterdays.  But many others see it too, and with critical eyes undulled by sentiment.  They regard that watch as they do the clothes you wear...  as an index to your business and social standing.  Can you afford to be so judged, and possibly discounted, when a new and modish Elgin Watch may be had for so modest a sum?  And Elgin is conceded to be the world's standard for watch integrity.


THE WOMAN'S WRIST WATCH, in a case of 14-karat solid white gold, is priced at $60.
THE MAN'S WATCH may be had in white or green gold case.  Priced at $175.

Your jeweler will show these and other Elgins to you gladly.  No other watch is offered in so generous an assortment of styles nor price range so liberal.

Elgin Advertising, 1947

The Perfect Valentine Gift

Give her a Valentine gift
That's enduring-
A compact exquisitely smart and alluring!

A gift that is useful
Yet glowing with glamour-
Elgin Americans always enamour!

"Heart's Desire" compact in sterling silver, $24

"Heart Afire" compact in jeweler's bronze, $5.95

Other compacts from $5 to $500 each 
At better stores everywhere

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