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Elgin Advertising, 1922

The Value of Time
By Kronos
Paintings by HAROLD DELAY

Richard the Lion-Hearted - "mightiest warrior and hardest working Crusader in all Christendom" - knew the Value of Time.

For two long years the city of Acre, near Jerusalem, had defied the besieging Crusaders - yet its walls trembled when Richard anchored off the Syrian shore.  Lion-Heart's great hour had come at last.  So clear was his vision of Time as his ally that he arose from a sick-bed, was carried to the trenches on a litter, and with his own sword hewed the fortress from the infidel's grip.

Over the Time of the Crusaders, the Saracen water clock stood guard.  But the modern world, enriched by experience, intrusts life's costliest possession to those marvels of accuracy which human ingenuity and skill now place within the reach of all -
Elgin Watches

Four popular new lines (12 size) created by Elgin designers: material, construction, adjustments and service fully covered by Elgin Guarantee
New Streamline Series: Specially designed for a wide variety of tastes - $35 to $100. 
New Classic Series: Two thin models.  Lord Elgin movement: $150.
New Corsican Series: Three models, Lord Elgin movements, $175.
New Presentation Series: "The last word in the Gift Idea."  C. H. Hulburd moveemnt, $300 to $500.
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