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Captain Tick-Mouse, 1917

Serve America First!
A letter from
Captain Tick-Mouse

To all Boys and Girls Everywhere:
Dear little friends, I have joined hands with Uncle Sam and Miss Columbia to Serve America First, and we want you to join with us - right now.

Will you help us?  Will you help us catch the slackers?  Will you come with me to do some real detective work for your Uncle Sam?

Do this and you'll be helping to win the war!

Uncle Sam and I have planned it all out we are ready to begin.  I have told you all about it in my new story book, "CAPTAIN TICK-MOUSE and His Adventures in SECRET SERVICE."  Read this book and you'll be all ready to go right ahead and "serve America first!"

This new Book is a little beauty, full of bright colors and lively pictures - a thrilling story book, FREE, for every boy and girl in America.  My Tick-Mouse artists have dipped their brushes into their handsomest colors, and dressed the book in red-white-and-blue in honor of Miss Columbia.

Your new story book is ready.  All my former Tick-Mouse Books have been given to you through my good friends, the Jewelers whose stores are nearest your homes.  To save precious time, I will give out these new books in the same way.  So ask your Jeweler today for your new Tick-Mouse Book - the one about Captain Tick-Mouse.  If he hasn't got it yet, and can't get you one, then write direct to me, enclosing a two-cent stamp, and I'll mail you one.  (But please, please, please don't do so till you've done your best to get it from your Jeweler, for I haven't a minute to lose.  I'm working day and night, catching slackers for Uncle Sam.)

So, Boys and Girls, be quick - hurry over to your Jeweler's and get your new Tick-Mouse Story Book - show your colors - fall in line with Uncle Same, ready to SERVE AMERICA FIRST!

Your Loving Little Friend,
Captain Tick-Mouse

Address me at 10 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, in care of the Elgin National Watch Company, where I have my official headquarters  - T.M.
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