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Elgin Advertising, 1922

The Watch of The Future

"All down through the ages," says old Father Time, "I have been seeking timekeeping perfection.

"The cave-man's grass rope, the sun-dial, the water-clock - all these were but milestones marking the world's awakening to the value of Time.  They were upward steps in the evolution of the Elgin of today, the timepiece of all Time!"

The Watch of the Future!  Will it be actuated by wireless?  By the energy of the electron?  By the long-sought power of "perpetual motion"?

Of one thing Father Time is certain.  If ever, in generations to come, it does prove possible to build a finer, more perfect timepiece than the Elgin of today, that timepiece will still be an Elgin.  Whatever its form, its source is already foreshadowed - this same lofty doorway through which the Elgin craftsmen, with their passion for perfection, have given to the world the timekeeping marvels of our own generation -

Elgin Watches
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