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Malware Warning, Again

For some period of time yesterday evening, the elgintime.com Elgin serial number look up site was flagged as suspicious, and folks did see a dangerous looking warning message when accessing the lookup pages.

The reason for this is that my pages include a link to www.awci.com.  This site, from what I can tell, was flagged because other unrelated websites hosted by the same service that physically hosts the AWCI site, were handing out malware.  So the connection is close, but not direct.

I can assure everyone that my pages are completely safe, and because of the way they are constructed, any sort of compromise is extraordinarily unlikely.  In addition, I have no reason to believe that there is, or ever was anything wrong with AWCI webpages, but I obviously have less insight into that.

My options for dealing with this are limited.  I have no connection to the hosting site that appears to be having problems.  I just have to wait it out, post updates here as appropriate, and hope for a timely resolution.  A number of other websites are in the same boat.

More on this matter here...

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