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Lever-Setting Wear

A lever-set watch had a very rough feel to the setting action.  The problem was damaged teeth on one wheel involved in the setting mechanism.  This particular watch has an extra complicated setting mechanism with a few more parts, and more complicated parts, than usual.  The watch is delicate, older, and a little scarce.  I had to hunt around for a replacement part.  

In this photo the part the damaged part is on the right.  A better one I found is on the left.  I have quite a lot of extra old parts in layers of increasingly less organized material.  I surprise myself sometimes at what I manage to pull out.

I found two of these parts.  The one pictured, which is in usable shape I think, and another one with very similar damage to the one I need to replace.  

I often see a situation like this.  And it's not a great sign.  When you find multiple examples of a part that have a trouble, it make me suspect that this watch is prone to this wear on this particular component.  And I doubt I could replace it again, it's not common...

Zooming in on the picture will show bad teeth on the pinion part of the part on the right.
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