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Malware, Yet Again

This morning I once again received an email from Google informing me that my adwords account was suspended for malware on my site (my site which is hosted by Google, by the way).  This is the scary looking warning people are getting, right now, when visiting any of my web pages.

Google has a tool for testing URLs (sites) for their current "safety".

My site shows clean.

However the reason on the warning is, once again, the links I have to the website of the American Watchmakers and Clockmakers institute (AWCI).  The Google site check tool for that site is currently showing a different story.

Contacting Google adwords about this requires filling out an online form that requires some information from your adwords set up.  When I go the adwords page however, it appears Google is done with me.

Regarding the malware warning, there is no way to contact Google, that I am aware of.

I can only state here, yet again, that my pages are safe, according to me, and according to Google's inspection tool.  However I do not know when, if ever, or under what conditions Google will remove the warning status.  And as for adwords, I guess my account is history, but I wasn't really using it anyway.


Couple of things...  First, there is a link under "health" and "malware" on Google's webmasters' tools page that supposedly allows one to request that Google check your site again.  I did not see this link though because the webmasters' tools site reports my site as clean, no malware!

Anyway, after about half a day of this, my sites now load freely in Chrome, as does the AWCI site.  So I guess it's cleared up (?)
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