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Hamilton Watch Company Wins Nation's Highest Award For 1940's Best Advertising Copy

From The American Horologist magazine, March 1941

Hamilton Watch Company Wins Nation's Highest Award For 1940's Best Advertising Copy

Hamilton's full color, twin Christmas advertisements, so favorably received by the jewelry trade last fall, have just been awarded the nation's highest honor s for excellence of copy. The formal presentation of the Annual Advertising Medal Award was made February 13 at a dinner held on the Starlight Roof of the Waldorf Astoria, in New York. The occasion, attended by more than.five hundred nationally prominent advertising men and sales executives, was highlighted by the presence of Defense Commissioner William S. Knudson, radio commentator Raymond Gram Swing and advertising's own Bruce Barton.

The Annual Awards are open to any advertiser, agency or medium in the country, and, last year, entries were so numerous as to have still been over four thousand in number after the first elimination. A distinguished jury of 16 members finally decided on Hamilton's two submissions, "To Peggy" and "To Jim", hailing them as outstanding examples of the human interest school of advertising copy. Their public acceptance was demonstrated by the flood of letters and editorial comment from all over the country.

From Falmouth, Kentucky - "Congratulations on your 'To Jim' and 'To Peggy' ads. Don't think I've seen better. Please send watch folder. I want to get HER one for Christmas." 

From Cody, Wyoming - ". . .your excellent advertisement has sold for one typical housewife a Hamilton watch for a swell husband." 

From Lexington, Kentucky - ". . . those two ads do what ads rarely do tug at the heartstrings - they are so effective. Honestly, I'd buy my wife a Hamilton for Christmas - if my wife needed a watch - if I had a wife!" 

From New York City - ".. .there will be another Hamilton in the family this Christmas." 

From Nashville, Tennessee - "One of the best ever put out by any company. . .I've decided to replace my wrist watch with a Hamilton." 

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