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The Timepiece and the Auxiliary

From The American Horologist magazine, October  1938

The Timepiece and the Auxiliary

IN THE busy over-full days in which we now live, we find it often necessary to budget our time, so much for this, so much for that, and by so doing depend largely on that most important marker of time the clock. The clock and watch so much in use, so often consulted, that we feel them a common place fixture that it is a spoke in the wheel of existence. We just take it for granted and if it should stop ticking we listen for the radio time or call a local watch and clock repair shop, still depending on the timepiece whether it be ours or that of another.

Do we even stop to think how important is this piece of mechanism? How many hours of study and patient workmanship brought it into existence? God in His infinite wisdom must have looked down through the ages and felt the necessity of such and endowed mankind with the mentality and ingenuity to fashion a measurer of time.

Time has been an important factor since the creation of man, in God's word we find the mention of the first timepiece -the Sun Dial-that had been in the possession of the twelfth King Judah, Ahaz. God set back this timepiece that a good man, Hezekiah, might live. "Behold I will bring again the shadow of the degrees, which is gone down in the Sun Dial of Ahaz, ten degrees backward so the sun returned ten degrees, by which degrees it wa's gone down." Isaaiah, 38 :8.

Since the Sun Dial, day by day, century by century, the making of timepieces has been a profession that has greatly aided mankind, and made at the crude home-made bench of yester years or in the modem factories of today it is no longer a luxury but a necessity in the home, place of business, church or school; as all machinery it must be kept in repair, this then is the need to consider and know our repair shops, know the watchmaker, the clockmaker; his ability, his honesty and accuracy in his work.

As the wives, daughters or employees of those engaged in this profession, have we fully realized that their success has been due largely to the honest and sincere love of their work? Tedious sometimes it may be yet their patience must be limitless, since the days of the first known clockmaker - 1364 - this has been true, and then with that, do we realize that the ongoing of this success comes in a great measure from the sympathy and complete understanding in the home?

As individuals we may contribute that factor and, then as an auxiliary, give encouragement with harmonious understanding to their organizations. Thinking along this line we might readily conclude that as the timepiece is so necessary in our work-a-day world so is the Auxiliary to the Jewelers' and Watchmakers' Associations, United Horological Association of America and other similar groups. Local groups of eligible women contributing encouragement to their local Guilds, so the State and National groups convene with the purpose to stand by ready to assist in whatever duty presents itself. We will no doubt find the social activities pleasant, the meeting of new friends interesting, exchanging ideas and problems helpful and certainly a great satisfaction in knowing that as an Auxiliary we will become NOT an Advisory Board as some feared, as that is not our purpose, but, become that necessary sector that makes the circle complete.

We women now have the opportunity to create and bring into existence an organization that we will be proud of, an Auxiliary to our 'vVatchmakers' and Jewelers' Associations.

Let's take advantage of this opportunity.

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