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Suggestion Department

From Horology magazine, November, 1937

Suggestion Department

A subscriber, Leonard P. Coggin, of Philadelphia, writes "I have two suggestions that I'd like to make at this time.

"The first idea is for you to create a new department in your magazine, a suggestion department. This department will advertise that it will publish any shop wrinkles that readers will send in.
If you like you can offer a monthly or annual prize to stimulate interest in this new feature. Suggestions may be little gadgets that help the watchmaker in his work, easy short-cuts, methods or what have you.

"The second suggestion is this, 'Why don't you publish an annual index to your publication?' This will make it very much easier to locate an article in a back issue." 

Thank you, Mr. Coggin. Your suggestions are most welcome. HOROLOGY has decided to carry them out and at this time formally announces the new Suggestion Department. It will appear for the first time in the December issue. This department will be open to all horologists who have any contributions of a practical nature which will be of assistance in every day work. A prize of five dollars will be awarded monthly for the best suggestion.

All contributions should be addressed to HOROLOGY, Suggestion Department, 747 South Hill Street, Los Angeles. Whenever possible a sketch, drawing or photograph should accompany same.
HOROLOGY reserves the right to publish any or all of the suggestions submitted and will be the sole judge of the prize winning suggestion.

The matter of an index is being given consideration and a decision will be reached soon.
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