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It's "Barrel Time", All the Time With This Big Clock

From American Horologist magazine, December 1938

It's "Barrel Time", All the Time With This Big Clock

Nothing attracts quicker attention in a jewelery store than an unique clock.

This unusual one, in the jewelery store of J. R. Pauwels, 1516 Park St., Alameda, Calif., is about 40 feet high. The face of the clock is about 16 inches in diameter. It is housed in a husky keg.

Note the two heavy brass weights, one for "time" and one for "strike." The long pendulum may be seen extending downward through the platform of the lower section of the specially constructed stand. It has just completed a "left swing" and is getting into position for a "right." 

The barrel, of oak, is firm and solid, having been carefully oiled and varnished. There are four steel hoops.

Mr. Pauwels does not know the history of the clock nor who made it, but he does know it is an asset to his store. 

The heavy clock was carried outside the store and placed against the wall for the picture. 

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