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New Elgin Portfolio Sees "Value" as Key to Christmas Sales

From The American Horologist magazine, October 1938

New Elgin Portfolio Sees "Value" as Key to Christmas Sales

Points Out Excellence of Elgin Holiday Values and Advantages of Tying-in With Pre-Christmas Drive. Offers Many New Tie-up Materials

A colorful and interesting portfolio, setting forth Elgin plans for the Christmas season, will soon be in the mail, according to advices received from the Elgin National Watch Company. This booklet, entitled "View Your Fortune in the Magic Sphere," analyzes selling trends, shows how the Elgin 1939 line keys in with the major trend, illustrates Elgin national advertising, and offers a wealth of display and promotional assistance.

According to "View Your Fortune," more and more consumers this year are seeking top values and finding them in products with top names. In keeping with this trend, Elgin points to the fact that its 1938-9 line includes the "finest values in 74 years." Particular mention is made of the new 15/0 Lord Elgins, the new Lady Elgins, the new, popular priced I5-jewel semi-baguettes, the new 17-jewel, 15/0 models, and the new low prices on 7-jewel semi-baguettes.

Millions of magazine messages, concentrated in the pre-Christmas season, will carry the Elgin value story throughout the nation. Full color pages will be employed exclusively. And in two of the advertisements the merchandise appeal will be enhanced by the use of fascinating personalities in whose families Elgin has been traditional for generations.

Elgin promotional assistance to jewelers this Fall includes an interesting new window display idea, free newspaper mats, individual advertising by the Advertising Department of the Elgin National Watch Company, a unique "quick-action" Santa Claus mailing piece, folders, post cards, movie slides, and radio commercials. 

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