Atomic Jewelry

From The American Horologist magazine, May 1946

Atomic Jewelry 

From the site of the atom bomb testing grounds, in New Mexico, comes something new and novel in jewelry.

It's Atomsite, the name given to a glass-like substance formed by the terrific heat of the atomic bomb which was exploded last July. Following the explosion it was noted that the entire surface of the crater was covered with an entirely new substance caused by the crystallization of grains of desert sand under the combined effect of the intense heat and extreme pressure of the explosion.

The glass-like substance varies in color from pale green to jade, and has an erie appearance. It is hard and is adaptable to being worked into jewelry ornaments. Set in palladium mountings, this atomic jewelry has been test worn to refute the claims made by the Japanese that Atomsite is radio active and detrimental to human tissue.

Though the substance has been declared harmless by the Army and has been worn in jewelry in public display, it has not yet been released for commercial use. Considering its origin, it is doubtful if Atomsite will ever become popular for decorative purposes. However, it should enjoy a brief popularity, as novelty jewelry if, and when it is ever made available for commercial use.

-Ted Douglas.

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