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Import of Swiss Watches

From The American Horologist magazine, June, 1945

Import of Swiss Watches

The policy to be followed by the War Production Board in assigning specified types and sizes of imported watches and watch movements for delivery to the Army Exchange Service by watch importers was clarified by WPB. Beginning May 10, 1945, WPB will assign for delivery to AES 50 per cent of the following types of imported watches and watch movements received by each watch importer 

1. 10 ligne and larger men's waterproof watches with round movements (except watches in cases containing gold in any form).

2. 10 ligne and larger men's nonwaterproof watches with round movements (except watches in cases containing gold in any form).

3. 10 ligne and larger round movements.

Imported watches and movements assigned for delivery to AES are channeled by AES to Army post exchanges and Navy ships' service stores for resale to service men. The types and sizes specified are those considered best suited to military use.

The AES requirement for 1945, presented to the WPB Requirements Committee last year showed an increase of 100 percent over the previous year's requirement and represented about three times the number of watches required for resale in 1943. AES has indicated that the increasing requirement is a result of a combination of the greatly increased number of men now overseas and the constantly increasing need for replacements. In the light of recent developments, including the announcement of V-E Day, the AES watch requirement will be reviewed and consideration will be given to any decrease that can be affected in the requirement, WPB officials said.

Watch importers previously authorized to distribute sizes and types of watches or movements, other than those indicated above, to AES, may apply by letter to WPB for a release from such obligations.

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