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Alarm Clock Restrictions Revoked

From The American Horologist magazine, June, 1945

Alarm Clock Restrictions Revoked

Limitation Order L-275, issued April 14, 1944, to control production and distribution of spring-driven and electric alarm clocks, has been revoked to permit manufacturers to increase production whenever the large military contracts they now hold are reduced and materials and skilled labor become available.

Alarm clock manufacturers have been heavily engaged in production of timing devices and other critical military items throughout the war period. Military requirements for these items in connection with the war in the Pacific have not yet been determined, but indications are that they will remain at a high level, WPB said.

Since the industry uses the same types of supervisory personnel, skilled labor and machines for the manufacture of war goods as for alarm clock production, WPB said it foresaw no sharp increase in the number of alarm clocks available to civilians in the immediate future. The pre-war rate of production, estimated at 12,500,000 alarm clocks per year, may not be achieved until the war is over.

Production currently is at about one-third of the pre-war rate. Even though production may be increased after the revocation of L-275, manufacturers will be unable to satisfy completely the large backlog of demand that has developed as a result of low production during the last two years and previous non-production for about a year.

Under the order, manufacturers were permitted to produce and distribute alarm clocks only in accordance with specific authorizations assigned by WPB. Authorizations for production and distribution of alarm clocks in the second quarter of 1945, issued on Form WPB-2719, are cancelled with revocation of L-275. Alarm clocks, therefore, may be made and delivered irrespective of the restrictions specified in the authorizations.

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