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Unfair Market practices Stopped

From The American Horologist magazine, July, 1944

Unfair Market practices Stopped

The Hamilton Watch Company, Lancaster, Pa., won another legal bout against unfair market practices on June 8, when the Superior Court of Cook County, Illinois, signed a decree prohibiting the Hamilton Ross Industries from using the names of Hamilton or Ross, or any combination or simulation thereof in the selling or advertising of their watches, thus ending such unfair competition.
The Hamilton Watch Company complaint was supported by an affidavit by W. Ross Atkinson, Vice President of the Company. It named the defendents as Hamilton Ross, Harry Zeidler and Henrietta Ross, co-partners, doing business as Hamilton Ross Industries.

The complaint contended that the defendents recently sponsored programs over Radio Stations WQXR and WL W, appealing to and urging the public to purchase the "Cary Grant" model of Rossmore watches, a division of the Hamilton Ross Industries; that this had caused distributors and dealers handling Hamilton Watches and the public to believe that the business of the defendent was the business of the plaintiff, and that the defendent thus attempted to unlawfully palm off their merchandise as that of the plaintiff, contrary to his express wishes and demands.

Hamilton Watch Company has won favorable court decisions on several occasions in recent years. Each time action was taken when the fine public acceptance of Hamilton Watches was challenged by unethical market practice by outside interests whose product promotions tended to confuse the public and infer such products were related to Hamilton products.

This constant vigilance to protect the name and· fine reputation that has been built through more than fifty years of successful merchandising of "Hamilton, America's Fine Watch," is assurance to the retail jewelers of America that their past investments in Hamilton are being safeguarded-that in the future finer Hamilton watches will continue to be potent with profit possibilities for them and set new standards of performance to assure even greater public satisfaction. 

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