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Wake Up The Easy Way

From The American Horologist magazine, January, 1946

Wake Up The Easy Way

The Warren Telechron Company, Ashland, Mass., is pioneering new methods of awakening by the development of clocks designed to serve as "unlarming" alarms which will wake up the sleeper quietly and politely without the wild shock of the usual alarm clock, according to Roy W. Johnson, vice president of the company.

Examples of this are Telechron's "Musalarm," "Switch-Alarm," and "lite-Call" which will be O\on the market around the first of the year.

"The Musalarm" is described as a combination clock and "clear-toned, handsome little radio." It wakens you to the pleasant strains of radio music. You set the alarm and select the station the night before and next morning the music comes On to coax you from slumber. In case one is sleeping too soundly, there is an auxiliary buzzer which goes off ten minutes later and keeps ringing until shut off. It will come in a streamlined maroon colored plastic case and is planned to retail at $19.95.

The "Switch-Alarm" is similar in use to the "Musalarm," but it is not built into a radio. You can plug your radio set into this clock and instead of the alarm going off, it will turn the radio on at a pretermined time. 'Consequently, one can awaken to music in the morning by using this in combination with the present bed-side radio. It is also a standard type of alarm clock having .an alarm signal like any other alarm.

It will not turn the radio off. However, it can also be used to turn on an electric light at any given time, though not for other household appliances. The price of the "Switch-Alarm" will be $5.95 retail.

The "Lite-Call" which comes in an ivory colored plastic case is an alarm clock of the standard type and will waken the sleeper with an audible signal. However, it has a mechanism which will make any light or bedside lamp flash intermittently if the lamp is plugged into the clock. All that has to be done is to set the time for awakening and instead of the audible alarm coming on, the light will flash quickly. If desired, the audible alarm will come on ten minutes later. Tests have proved this silent flashing alarm will awaken people as surely as an audible alarm.

It is especially desirable for those who are hard of hearing or deaf, but many others will welcome it because it does not waken the whole house. It will retail for $6.95.

Mr. Johnson also stated that the "Telalarm Jr.," announced previously, to retail at $3.95, has an unusual, new alarm device called control-a-tone which controls the volume of the signal. It can be made as soft as a whisper or regulated for any degree of volume up to full volume by the control lever on the back. 

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