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From The American Horologist magazine, July, 1944


In order to have a more equitable situation existing: It is proposed that an adjustment in the advalorum rate be agreed upon so the price differential may allow continuance in the market of the American made product without too seriously affecting competition.

It is not desired to eliminate from our American market the Swiss product, but a more adequate control, designed to provide a flow of both the American and Swiss made product.

Encouragement is the ingredient so much desired at present for our American factory. After a period of capacity production for the American factory-that is about eighteen to twenty-four months; we are agreed that any restrictions or control set up now should be adjusted to meet conditions existing then.

Knowing the present· condition of the American market and demand for mainsprings we can only contemplate the possible impact to the economic structure, that is the Horological division of our economy, if an unrestricted flow of this cheaper Swiss made product is allowed in the American market. It is to escape these eventualities that we submit these proposals. As we stated before, it is not Our desire to eliminate from the American market this Swiss made product, but that there might remain in the American market a place for our own American manufactured product.

We have noted that in the revised edition of "Changes in Import Duties", issue of February 1, 1943, that periodical trade agreements or adjustments are founded. We hope that this presentation may meet with requirements.

One of our objectives in presenting those additional proposals is that we might not lose sight of the fact that the most sensational and scientific development in mainspring construction is now in the hands of American manufacturers, and we believe that one of the functions of the tariff  Commission is to foster at least these revolutionary and advanced steps in the scientific manufacture of a product. A supreme achievement has been obtained in this scientific improvement and design of watch mainsprings.

Another objective is that there shall be a continuous and adequate supply . of these mainsprings to accommodate the repair of American time pieces and/or that expansion and production may in the not too distant future be adequate to supply these springs to other parts of the world. We in the Horological field are proud of this advancement and hope to share it with those other parts of the world that will have need for such a product.

R. W. Applegate, Special Representative, United Horological Association of America. 

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