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J. H. Bledsoe to Market New Hairspring Vise

From The American Horologist magazine, January, 1946

J. H. Bledsoe to Market New Hairspring Vise

The new n. & M. Hairspring Vise, a precision tool, changed greatly the old time method of hairspring work. With this tool the use of two tweezers to straighten bent springs is no longer necessary. The vise takes the place of one tweezer, holding the spring firm and vertical. Only one tweezer is needed to straighten the bent place. If the spring is bent in more than one place it is an easy matter to release the vise and shift the spring with the tweezers. Closing Or releasing the vise is accomplished by the natural action of the thumb and finger in holding the vise, either resting on the bench or suspended. The lucite table of the vise allows a clear view of the spring from the top and by lifting the vise between thumb and finger with the vise closed, the spring can be viewed from the side or tilted in any position, for examination.

Manufacture of the B. & M. Hairspring vise is being arranged and should be ready for delivery some time in January, 1946.

Mr. Bledsoe is with the Charles Jewelers in Burbank, Calif.

Kestenman Bros. Announce New Styles

Kestenman Bros. Mfg. Company, Providence, makers of Kestenmade, Peerless, and Sentinel watch bracelets, announce that as soon as labor and materials shortages ease, they expect to introduce several new models. "In the more than quarter century we've been in business," said Mr. Louis Kestenman, Treasurer of the Company, "we've pioneered a great many popular watch bracelets.
As soon as present reconversion difficulties are overcome, we know the trade will agree that the new models are as exquisite and serviceable as their predecessors."

Holzer Company Tissot Watches

Since a new Government regulation now permits the use of platinum for the public, the Holzer Company, special representatives of the famed Tissot Watch has prepared a special line of beautiful new watches which will wholesale between $100 and $2000 each! As as added Holzer service, every case, adorned with the finest diamonds available on the market, will be ready for Christmas for sale to authorized dealers of the TISSOT watch! 

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