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Elgin Expands, Acquires New Plant In Nebraska

From The American Horologist magazine, January, 1946

Elgin Expands, Acquires New Plant In Nebraska

Acquisition by the Elgin National Watch Company of a new plant in Lincoln, Neb., means that Elgin watches will be available to the trade in larger quantities and sooner than· otherwise could have been expected, according to T. Albert Potter, president.

Announcement of Elgin's new plant purchase was made recently in a statement by Mr. Potter. He outlined the company's expansion program to Elgin employees.

"Production is expected to be at capacity soon in Plants No.1 and 2," he declared. "Recognizing the desirability of raising national employment figures and production considerably above pre-war levels, Elgin is happy to contribute its share to an expanded economy," Mr. Potter continued.

"The company's total output of jeweled watches is expected to surpass by a wide margin that of any pre-war year." Expressing appreciation for support received by the company from Elgin citizens for nearly a century, Mr. Potter announced that the company's executive offices, observatory and research facilities would remain in Elgin where they have always been. Plants No.1 and No.2 are expected to account for the greater part of the company's watch production.

Mr. Potter cited a recent survey in explaining the company's decision to buy the new plant in Lincoln. "The survey disclosed that an influx of new industries into Elgin, as well as the expansion of present industries. is causing an inadequate labor supply to shrink still further," he stated.

"Even with acquisition of a new plant in Lincoln, we could use 1,000 more workers today right here in Elgin in our two plants. An Unusually high proportion of our men -27 per cent-has been in service.
We shall welcome them all back, yet their return will do little toward solving the present man-power shortage,'; Mr. Potter said.

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