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U.S. Radium Applies Wartime Experience To Improve Radium Dials

From The American Horologist magazine, January, 1946

U.S. Radium Applies Wartime Experience To Improve Radium Dials

As America's first producer of radium luminous watch and clock dials, the U. S. Radium Corporation has pioneered in introducing new standards of visibility by night and styling by day.

During World War II, radium luminous materials became a 'must' in the illumination of aircraft flight instrument dials, fire control apparatus, communications equipment and many other vital military devices.

The tremendous expansion in the demand for these materials brought with it attendant problems-among them, controlled brightness levels, response of materials to ultra-violet activation, special color ranges, adaptability for outdoor use and weathering, long life and high accuracy control.

To solve these problems, the research facilities of U. S. Radium Corporation were greatly expanded, and as a result new techniques, new and better materials are available for use at lower cost than ever before.

Today, all these advances contribute to the possibilities for wider use of radium luminous dials on clocks and watches. Radium dials are available with greatly increased useful life. New color possibilities, achieved with materials such as the Vivid Green recently introduced by U. S. Radium, make it possible to have a luminous watch dial with all the style-appeal by day that other materials afford.

U. S. Radium Corporation's service often begins with the design of the dial itself. Efficient use of radium luminous materials require that dial finish and design be considered as a co-ordinate part of the job if proper styling, low costs and long-lived readability are to be achieved. Specialists of this company will not only advise on the selection of materials, lettering and other factors important in procuring the best possible luminous dial for the type and price range of the time-piece on which it is to be used, but to supply such dials complete ready for assembly.

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