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Elgin Grade 455

This watch has a broken balance staff. I have posted many photos of parts of the process of changing a staff, so here we'll just look at a one or two things that aren't common.

For example, this is a two piece double roller, shown here removed from the balance assembly. These take extra care to recognize and deal with. The "guard" part is small, not to mention remarkably well finished and polished.
For a replacement staff, it's good to check the endshake by testing the lean of the staff in the balance jewel. This will do, shown after trimming down the pivots some.
Here is the replacement staff, good pivots, riveted to the balance wheel.

This double roller staff has a very large hub where the main roller table goes. Instead of using the stack with the notch for the roller jewel to press the part on, a stump that gives more space has to be used, and the job is done upside down from the usual.
The second, smaller, part of the roller can be put on normally though.

This movement is Elgin's grade 455, 16 size, 19 jewels, made about 1922

It is a high quality product, with a micro-regulator and some nice extra touches to the finsh.

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