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Hand Collisions and Elgin's Director of Sales Research

Hand Collision!

After running for a couple of days, the hour hand and the second hand touched and stopped this watch. I had to take the movement out again to adjust the hands, and start the testing cycle all over.

Hand collisions are a frustration. It seems that no matter how closely this is check before casing a watch, a few days go by and suddenly something has changed and hands touch.

If you look closely at the seconds hand in the picture here, you can see the trouble.

The watch is Elgin's grade 730-A, a railroad grade wristwatch labeled B.W. Raymond. It is an exceptionally well made movement with a number of innovative features. But this particularly one is not in the original case. The case it's in barely works for it, and it is tricky to get the movement in and out, adding to my disappointment at seeing it stop in  this way.

Job number 160022...

From The American Horologist and Jeweler magazine, February, 1946

Automatic-feed Soldering Iron Being Introduced

Elgin. Ill. - Alan Magary has resumed his position as director of sales research for the Elgin National Watch Company following four years in service with the War Production Board and U. S. Marine Corps, it was announced by Howard D. Schaeffer, Vice-President in Charge of Sales. Prior to joining the Marine Corps, Magary supervised development of jewel bearing production for the War Production Board. His first year in the Marine Corps was spent as intelligence officer with Supreme Headquarters of the AEF in Europe. For his work at SHAEF Forward he was awarded the Bronze Star. From May until October of last year, he served as technical intelligence officer with the U. S. Naval Air Attache in London. 

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