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Can You Help? Lets Not Let Him Down

From The American Horologist magazine, February, 1946

Can You Help? Lets Not Let Him Down

Editor, The American Horologist:
I feel your article on page 27 of the November issue, about the GI brushoffs was very well timed. For truly the Service Man who shouldered the burden, endured the hardships and faced the dangers of World War II, is fast becoming "the forgotten man." One GI Joe who has served upwards to four years in the Army, expects shortly to receive his discharge. He hopes to go back to watchmaking, but is in need of chucks numbers 3 and 5 for his 7mm J. E. Kampe watchmakers lathe, so, he has written to several jobbers and supply firms asking if they could furnish same or advise where they might be procured. To date, only two of these firms have answered and return postage was included.

When the war was on, at every hand one could hear. . . "nothing will be to good for our boys when this war is once won and they come home". Well now it is over. One might almost feel . . . nothing, is too good".

If you can offer any advice or help in anyway to get the above, I'm sure he will greatly appreciate it.
Yours very truly, 
J. K. Williams, 925 South 54th St.
Philadelphia, Pa.

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