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Waterproof Watch Is Here To Stay

From The American Horologist and Jeweler magazine, February, 1946

Waterproof Watch Is Here To Stay, Reader Thinks 

Editor, The American Horologist:
Many watch repairmen think and hope the waterproof watch is a thing of the past. First, why should they think that the waterproof watch is a thing of the past ~ Because the war is over and the boys are back home and do not need waterproof watches any more. Yes, many of these boys who go back in their old jobs as salesmen, or in: offices where there is not much dirt around, do not need a waterproof watch. But many millions do work in factories or around dirt, found out that with a waterproof watch they do not have to run to a jeweler every few weeks and have lint taken out of their watches, so they will continue to use and buy waterproof watches. Also, I am convinced that salesmen and office clerks will wear their waterproof watches to their respective sports activities. There will also be millions of waterproof watches in circulation for a long time, and a watchmaker cannot expect that the owner of a waterproof watch throws it away because a watchmaker hates to open it or does not have the proper wrench for it; the owner will naturally go to a jewelry store where they will and can open it.

Because the watchmaker at the bench does not have the right wrench for the right watch, is the reason he hopes waterproof watches are a thing of the past.

I work in a large store where we handle a large number of waterproof watches, and I have not found a waterproof watch as yet I could not get open, and I do not have the wrenches for every individual make of watch. There are several differently constructed openers on the market, and I must admit each one has a little fault, so I bought three different ones, so when I could not get a case opened with one, I could with another. This brought our store many satisfied customers.

So, we hope there will be a wrench on the market soon to fill all requirements. If you still think there will be no more waterproof watches on the market, just ask Hamilton, Elgin, Waltham, Mido, Bulova, Longines, Gruen, etc. They will continue to bring them on the market, and will improve the appearance and excellence of the waterproof cases.

Watch Repairman of Elder & Johnston Co.
Dayton, Ohio

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