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The Venturesome Fool!

From The American Horologist magazine, February, 1946

The Venturesome Fool!

During the bloody Okinawa campaign around the Naha airfield, a marine of the 6th Division suddenly paused. His eyes fell upon a dead Jap about 300 feet away. His buddy, who was advancing with the rest of the outfit, turned back and called:

"C'mon, Jim; ·What's holdin' yuh up?"

"C'mere, Mike! Quick 1" Jim waved excitedly. Mike obliged. "That dead Jap over there is wearing a wristwatch. See it shinin' ?"

Mike looked and scoffed: "You're not going over there to get it, are yuh?"

"Sure, why not?"

"You fool! You'll never come back alive! " bellowed Mike. "There are Japs behind every bush... live ones too!" 

"I need a watch an' I mean to get one," replied his buddy, defiantly. Off he trudged into the jungle brush.

A few moments went by and Jim returned sporting a Japanese made watch. It was still ticking away with accurate precision. Proudly he sought out Mike but it was too late. Mike was hit by mortar shell fire and was seriously wounded.

Jim, the fool, was alive because he ventured into dangerous ground - saved by a watch! 

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