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Ethical Advertising

From The American Horologist and Jeweler magazine, March, 1942

Ethical Advertising

For years, the Saturday. Evening Post has been the bulwark of all that is good and holy in the matter of advertising ethics. However, on page 68 of the January 24 edition, an ad appears that one might expect to see in one of the cornier pulp magazines, but certainly not in the Post.

A three inch ad, inserted by an English concern, and bearing the headlines, "Fears UNBREAKABLE Waterproof Watch." This ad offers the most ridiculous and asinine offer that has even been in print in our American papers.

Imagine, "Men's 'Streamline' Service Watch, Guaranteed 10 years, $9.95 Post Free. Usually $30. Unbreakable, Waterproof, Sand and Dust-proof, Shockproof, Reliable Timekeeper, Non-Magnetic IS-Jewel Lever Movement, Chromium Case with 'Stainless Steel' screw back. Unaffected by body acids. Smart, comfortable. Luminous Dial. Unbreakable Glass. Timed and adjusted for all climates. Finest Waterproof Sealskin Leather Strap. You save $IS. or more after paying DUTY. Replaced FREE if lost in transit. Send International Money Order or Banker's Draft. Money Refunded if not Satisfactory."  ...The name and address is that of a firm in Bristol, England.

We, in America, are unable to secure watches from our manufacturers to sell to our American people.
We certainly have entered our protest to the Saturday Evening Post for their acceptance of such ridiculous advertising.

Every organization in America should likewise protest against this type of advertising.  

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