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Time For Humor

From The American Horologist and Jeweler magazine, July, 1946

Time For Humor

The Cad

It was the second week of their engagement and they sat before the cozy fire planning their future life and dreaming of their happiness. He was fondling her left hand and twisting the gorgeous diamond ring with which they had plighted their troth.

As he was admiring the gleaming fiery gem, he asked: "Tell me, dear, has anyone remarked about your engagement ring? Have your friends admired it? "

"Why, yes, dear," she answered. "Two of them not only admired it, but recognized it!"

A wedding ring may not be as tight as a tourniquet, but it certainly stops the wearer's circulation!

Highway Robbery!

A man who was motoring along the highway offered a stranger a lift. The stranger accepted. Shortly afterward the motorist noticed that his watch was missing.

Whipping out a revolver which he happened to be carrying, he dug it into the other man's ribs and exclaimed: "Hand over that watch!"

'The stranger meekly complied before allowing himself to be booted out of the car. When the motorist returned home he was greeted by his wife.

"How did you get on without your watch?" she asked. "I suppose you know that you left it on your dressing table?"

 Well. . . He Asked for It!

Little Dot, age four, was visiting her uncle. She was very fond of playing with his large, open-face watch and heavy gold chain. One day he held the watch by the chain, swinging it back and forth like a pendulum in front of her, and asked:

"Dot, what is it that runs when I run, and runs when I walk, and runs when I stand still?" The answer was obvious.

Quick as a flash she looked up at him and answered, "Your nose!" 

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