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Safety Glass Prevents Jewelry Robbery

From The American Horologist and Jeweler magazine, July, 1946

Safety Glass Prevents Jewelry Robbery

Value of safety glass for protection of jewelry stores was proven recently in an attempted robbery of the Brenner Jewelry Store, 200 West Federal Street, Y oungstown, Ohio.

The store window is unusual in construction. It consists of a double glazed unit. The exterior is a sheet of standard plate glass. Four inches back from this is a unit of Duplate Safety glass. The transparency of both glasses is so perfect that to the casual observer they seem to be only one plate.

So they must have appeared to the thief attempting to burglarize the Brenner shop. After using a large brick to smash the exterior plate glass panel he was stopped by the safety glass. Repeated smashing on this glass did not break it.

When he broke the exterior plate glass panel an alarm went off bringing protection men post-haste. They arrived on the scene while the would-be burglar was still vainly pounding the safety glass. Although he had managed to crack the Duplate safety glass, the protective surface had not been broken and the attempted burglary had been foiled.

The inner protective safety glass which proved 100 per cent effective in its purpose is three-ply safety Duplate manufactured by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company.

It is composed of two thicknesses of 1/8 inch plate on the outer surfaces and one thickness of 1/4 inch plate in the center laminated by vinal plastic of extra heavy gauge. This glass has been especially designed for protection of jewelry stores and similar establishments. 

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