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Davidson's Precision Clock

From The American Horologist magazine, July 1940

Davidson's Precision Clock
By Carl Lundgren

Designed and made by Mr. F. N. Davidson, Bellefontaine, Ohio. It took from 1925 to 1939 to construct in spare time. The clock is 94 inches over-all, height of top 68 inches, width of top 20 inches.

Technical Description

Graham dead beat escapement (beats seconds). Pallets turned on lathe in one piece, insuring theoretically correct circles. Garnet Pallet Jewels, and brass escape wheel. Center, third and escape wheel pivots running in fine sapphire jewels. 

Great wheel, hour wheel and rear pivot of center wheel in double floating bearings of brass and steel. Wheels cut from solid sheet brass. Pinions cut from fine crucible steel, hardened and tempered. Train wheel teeth and leaves of pinions cut according to an epicycloid curve. Plates, heavy one-eighth inch hard rolled brass, with bearings set in with screws and friction. Maintaining power spring cut from sheet of solid steel. Verge made of steel and brass. (Poised) Attachment for putting clock in beat actuated by means of a compound lever, thereby keeping impulse bearing always on center. Pallet arbor and point of suspension of pendulum rod in straight line.

Dual mercurial compensated pendulum with auxiliary regulator. Pendulum suspended from three-sixteenth inch solid steel plate, bolted to back of case. Dial hand wrought. Minute, hour and second circles made of brass. Back made of satin finished aluminum. Raised numerals. Hands hand wrought. 

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