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Book Reviews

From The American Horologist magazine, July 1940

Book Reviews

Waltham Watch Company announces their new 40 page booklet, "Watchmakers Hand Book" available to all watchmakers. This booklet IS a valuable bench companion.

"Rules and Practice for Adjusting Watches," Mr. Kleinlein, the author, has added 3 chapters to his book in response to many requests for practical explanation concerning irregular position rates, of "Self Compensating Hair Springs and Monometallic Balances."

These three new chapters will prove most profitable to the Horologist.

The price of the book remains the same, $3.50 postpaid through THE AMERICAN HOROLOGIST.

A New Trade Reference Book The INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY for the Precious Metal, Gemstone, Jewelry, Silverware, Cutlery and Horological Trade, by Herbert Oelschlaegel, Secretary of the BIBOA in 8 languages-20 collabora tors-830 pages cloth bound.

The price, $5.50 postpaid through THE AMERICAN HOROLOGIST.

Electrical Timekeeping By F. Hope-Jones, M.LE.E., F.R.A.S.
With a foreword b:y Dr. H. Spencer-Jones, MA.,Sc.D.,F.R.S.

An entirely New Work reviewing a century of research and achievement in the application of Electricity to Horology. A digest of the historical chapters of "Electric Clocks" by the same author is included in this new book consisting of 296 pages cloth bound, 27 chapters, 130 illustrations.
This book should be in every Horologist's library. Order through the AMERICAN HOROLOGIST, $3.50 postpaid. 

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