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An Unfortunate Experience

I received this email this morning relating a bad experience with a modern Elgin branded product. Keep in mind that the Elgin National Watch Company went out of business and completely ceased to exist in 1968. Elgin has not made watches for 50 years. Since then though, the name has been owned and used by a variety of other companies for clocks and watches, but those products have no connection to with, and nothing what so ever in common with, the products of the original Elgin company.

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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2015 19:09:26 -0600
Subject: My elgin watch
To: jsexton@elgintime.com

I bought an elgin watch about 3 years ago that i have had problems with since day one. I bought it at walmart and took it back three times in the first week i had it. The third time i took it back i asked them if they would exchange it for one exactly like the one I had because that's the reason i bought it - i like the way it looks. They exchanged it. This time it ran for three whole months before it stopped again. Again i put a new battery in it and it ran maybe three weeks this time. I went through this process for long enough that i didn't feel i could ask for a refund. About a month ago i took it to a jewel to ask about a repair. He told me it would be about $125.00. That's not an option since the watch only cost about $45.00 plus tax at walmart. Sometime back there not too long after i bought it, i looked up elgin on the internet and sent an email asking if they could do something to correct the situation. I didn't hear from anyone then went in the hospital for surgery. When i got out and recovered i still had not heard from anyone. Six months later i went in hospital again for another surgery and still have not heard from anyone. By now it's been at least three years or more. I no longer have the receipt. Have i just lost the $45.00 plus tax that i paid for a WORTHLESS watch? After bringing it home from the jeweler today and paying yet another $16.00 plus tax to have yet another battery put in for it to work maybe two weeks - three if Im lucky, i have a very bad taste in my mouth when i say the word ELGIN. Is there anything that can be done for this worthless piece of junk. (Im trying to keep it clean because that's not the word i use when referring to it.). Out of the three years I've had the watch, I've got to wear it a MAXIMUM of probably six months. The rest of the time it has not worked. My stomach knots up when i hear or even think the word "Elgin". Boy, did i get a lemon! With no help from anyone!


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