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Waterman Company News

From The American Horologist magazine, May 1946

Waterman Company News 

W. A. Hauck, Jr., Personnel Manager of the L. E. Waterman Company, boasts that the company has set a mark at which to shoot, in regard to the placement of returning servicemen. He says that out of 73 veterans, only six of those discharged from service have not come back to their old jobs at the Waterman Plant in New York.

Charles S. Kernaghan, Sales Manager, has announced that George D. Kochs, who has been associated with the fountain pen business for over six years, has been named Syndicate and Chain Store Representative for the L. E. Waterman Company. Kochs served in the Army Transport Service during the war. He and his family are residents of Livingston, New Jersey.

Fred A. Waterman, who was with the Ninth Army in England, France, Belgium and Germany has resumed his position as Assistant to the Production Manager in the New York Plant. Baxter Caterson, Jr., has been named head of the dealer advertising and display department of the Waterman 

Waterman Company Announces Renewal of "Gang-Busters"

"Gang Busters," regular Saturday night feature on the American Broadcasting Company's coast-to-coast hookup, will continue on the air for a second year under the sponsorship of the L. E. Waterman Co., manufacturers of fountain pens, mechanical pencils and ink, it has just been announced by Frank D. Waterman, Jr., president of the firm.

The decision to renew the contract for another year, beginning Sept. 15, 1946, followed on the heels of a crosssectional survey of vVaterman 's dealers on the question as to whether or not the program should be continued. An overwhelming majority voted in favor of keeping the show on the air.

"'Gang Busters' has done a splendid job in helping to increase the demand for Waterman's pens and ink since it went on the air last fall," Mr. Waterman said.

"Another factor which we took into consideration in renewing the contract another year is the nature of the program," he continued. "We feel that 'Gang Busters' is performing a real public service in helping police to combat crime. In addition to emphasizing again and again the fact that 'crime does not pay,' the program has assisted in the apprehension of almost 300 criminals as a result of clues broadcast weekly during the 10 years it has been on the air." 

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