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Swiss Watches For Allied Leaders

From The American Horologist magazine, May 1946

Swiss Watches For Allied Leaders

Direct from Geneva comes word through the Wittnauer Watch Company that Swiss watches are to be given to W orld ,Val' II's Allied leaders by Geneva Gitizens as an expression of gratitude for preserving world freedom. These watches, to be constructed by the Wittnauer Company, will emphasize internationalism by indicating simultaneously local time in all parts of the world.

Each watch has an enamel-painted dial illustrating the effort of that nation in the war. Winston Churchill will receive one showing St. George overcoming the dragon. The hour hand will symbolize Britain's defense against invasion in the form of a trident. On the French watch, to be presented to General De Gaulle, Joan of Arc is to be depicted placing the Cross of Lorraine on the shore of France.

On the timepiece to be presented to Generalissimo Joseph Stalin the city of Stalingrad will be painted in enamel and a defiant workman will stand in front of burning factories under a sky of storm and fire. The Red Star will mark the hours.

President Truman's watch will have the Statue of Liberty. An olive branch for the hour hand will symbolize peace.

All watch cases are identical and are decorated with a V-sign superimposed on a miniature map of the globe.

Mrs. Roosevelt is receiving, as a tribute to her late husband, a small silver clock supported by three V-shaped legs. It is decorated with a finely engraved motive representing an armada leaving the shores of America to give succor to the burning Old World.

* * *

TIME-CLOCK control for radio receivers can be set to interrupt other programs and throw in automatically any desired program at the proper TIME. It has a frequency pre-selector with an auxiliary condenser, and CLOCK mechanism to substitute this condenser at the right TIME. 

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