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Challenge Yourself To Become A Better Merchant

From The American Horologist magazine, May 1946

Challenge Yourself To Become A Better Merchant
By Max Anson

One of the greatest motivating forces that can stir a human being is a challenge to do something. Somehow, a challenge seems to call forth superhuman effort on the part of most people, getting them to perform tasks they might not otherwise do. Remember this, Mr. Jeweler.

The challenge of one athletic team to another causes a flurry of great local excitement and usually results in much preparation for the game. A challenge, because of its directness, brings action almost immediately.

In olden days, when dueling was popular, a man flung a challenge into the face of an adversary. He slapped him with gloves. And he got quick action!

The world, with all its beauty and treasure, is a perpetual challenge to all thinking people, to see what they can make of it.

The mind, with all its moral and spiritual values, is a challenge to people to seek the higher things of life, while they also pursue economic gains.

Challenge - the great things of life are accomplished because of it.

The jeweler can use challenge in his business operations every day, and can get profit out of it. Take your problems, for example. Don't look at them as big obstacles of which you are afraid, something you cannot solve. No, look at them as a challenge to your brains, your courage, your resourcefulness. Accept the challenge. Tackle such problems as a challenge, as a game. Y qu 'II be amazed at the difference this will make in your outlook. 

Your real strength lies in your mind, not in your muscles. Always remember this. It is ih your mind that must be born the desire for success, for perfection, for improvements, for advancement. You can give birth to these desires if you wish. I challenge you to do so. If you do, you will live a more prosperous, a more adventurous and satisfactory life.

Mr. Jeweler, are you satisfied with your present situation 1 Are you getting smug with what you have accomplished? Don't be that way. I challenge you to aspire to an even greater success. Challenge yourself to go a couple of steps higher. You can do it. There is no status quo in this life.

You either go forward or backward. You can never stand still.  

There is much for you still to accomplish in your business. Your work is not done.

Are you overcome with the sense of failure ~ Are you thinking that no matter what you do your business' does not grow? If so, do not entertain this disastrous state of mind any longer. Challenge yourself to get out of this thinking rut. It can be done.

Challenge yourself to this effect every day, and you will find some great power in you rising up and responding to this challenge. There is no limit to the reasonable things you can do, if you only think you can. But first you must take that self-imposed padlock off your mind and spirit. If you are depressed, you made yourself that way. Nobody else. You locked your mind. Nobody else did it. You can unlock it. A challenge persistently repeated will do it. Try it!

The great accomplishments of civilization will come when man realizes how to control his mind, how to make it work for him, how to make it respond and conquer every reasonable problem that faces him. Especially will this be true in business. No matter what your situation, what your job, what your problem, challenge yourself to do better today than you did yesterday. Challenge yourself tomorrow to do better than you did today. Start out the morning with a challenge. Repeat it several times during the day. It will make you rise to greater heights, to greater efficiency, to greater satisfaction with life. It will bring many more customers into the sphere of your influence.

The wise jeweler who wishes to make the best of the challenge idea will take his business apart piece by piece in his mind. He will look at every section of it, subject it to minute scrutiny. No matter how perfect some parts of the business may seem to be, he should challenge himself to make those parts still better. It is amazing how the mind will react when thus challenged. It will often come up with better ideas than those you are now using.

The challenge idea is not going to make a nervous wreck out of you or send your blood pressure leaping to new heights. No, you will find that the challenge technique will reduce your duties because it will employ the best ideas possible and thus give you more business and profit at less expenditure of time and worry. The challenge technique releases powers in the average man that he often does not know he possesses.

Use the challenge idea in all your merchandising practices. Use it in your advertising. Challenge prospects who have not patronized your store to come here and buy and sample your products and service. Tell them that you challenge them to come here and buy and then to try to desert you. Say that you know your products and service will please them.

Such a challenge will evoke many responses. Quite a few prospects will be stirred to come and test you. That will be your golden opportunity to prove what you say. It is a challenge to you, too, to use better merchandising ideas, to look for new and better ways to help your customers.

The challenge idea makes you a different, a better merchant in your community. You will be talked about.
People will be attracted to your store. They will want to see for themselves if you are what you say you are. The root is up to you.

Help your customers to raise their sights high. You will be amazed how many of them will respond. People often need leaders to direct them to planes of higher activity. Be such a leader in your community. You will never regret it.

In our personal lives, in our business lives we often need a challenge. The challenge to know more about the source of life has sent thousands of scientists searching for a whole lifetime for some of the secrets of life.
This search has kept up for centuries, and will continue. It is one of the most powerful motivating forces in the world. 

Why did you enter the jewelry business? Let's be honest about it. Didn't you see some store somewhere that looked prosperous? Didn't the owner look as if he were making money and enjoying life? A_nd wasn't this a challenge to you to do likewise? Wasn't this why you worked hard to get where you are today?

If you have lost some of the zest of that original challenge, just get into the habit of challenging yourself every morning when you go to work. In a short time you will recharge your mind until it again becomes a powerful business force. What if you have reached the goal that you set your eyes on 10 years ago? Put up another, a higher goal and work for it. I challenge you to do so!

This nation has gotten where it is today because men challenged themselves to find and build a nation where liberty, freedom and justice would prevail. America is the result. Would it have been built if those pioneers had not challenged themselves? I don't think it would.

The world may laugh at America for its boasting about its power and wealth. Well, let some other nation have what we have and see if they wouldn't boast a little. America's scientists, leaders, business men and common people - are not sitting back on their oars, despite their tremendous accomplishments. They are challenging themselves to build a better and more prosperous future.

This nation can do it. We can do it. You can do it. Challenge yourself with this goal every day!

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