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5,000,000,000 Kilowatt Hours

From The American Horologist magazine, April 1945

5,000,000,000 Kilowatt Hours

The people of the United States have become accustomed to "daylight saving" TIME. And many may have even forgotten their TIMEPIECES are still running a full HOUR ahead of the sun. Even the protest of the dairy farmer has abated since heifers born on "day light saving" TIME have grown to milking age in ignorance of the deception.

But some members of Congress, like the elephant, never forget. The halls of legislation have been gently rocked recently by ridicule of W. P. B.'s statement that 5,000,000,000 kilowatt HOURS of electricity have been saved since CLOCKS were set and HOUR ahead in 1942. One congressman declared it silly "to say that juice is saved at one end of the day that is burned at the other end."

But with virtually every electrically operated industry in the country running 24 HOURS a DAY, it would seem this congressman has something when he says it is silly. 

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