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New Elgin "Zephyrs" Offer Outstanding Watch Values

From American Horologist magazine, April, 1936

New Elgin "Zephyrs" Offer Outstanding Watch Values

Priced to sell for $27.50 or less, these new Elgin timepieces make their bow to jewelers this month. Known as the "Zephyrs," these striking new Elgins include a great variety of models for men and women. All of the new Zephyrs, according to Elgin officials, are factory cased, and prices range from $17.50 to $27.50.

These additional E1gin timepieces make it possible for jewelers to offer a more complete selection of models in the popular price range. This should mean a considerable swell in sales volume for jewelers who carry the fast-selling Elgin line.

The name "Zephyr" was decided upon as the word which most aptly describes the ultra-modern, original styling of the new watches. Like other Elgins, these new timepieces interpret the popular streamline trend in their fresh, pleasing design. All of them were created by the same leading stylists who are responsible for the beauty of Elgin's higher priced watches.

In every respect, the new Elgin Zephyrs measure up to the standards jewelers have come to expect of Elgin. Movements are planned, created and completely finished under a single roof by craftsmen and scientists working together at every step. Each Zephyr is timed to the unchanging standard of the stars, through an electrical timing device developed in cooperation with E I gin craftsmen. And each embodies the same fine exclusive features found in Elgins selling for many times the price.

The Elgin Company, we are informed, has prepared a special folder describing and illustrating all the new Zephyrs. If you have not yet received your copy, you may obtain it by writing direct to the Elgin National Watch Company, Elgin, Illinois.

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