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Retailers' Tie-In Campaigns Hitting New Highs, Elgin Finds

From Horology magazine, December, 1937

Retailers' Tie-In Campaigns Hitting New Highs, Elgin Finds 

"A survey of retailers' Pre-Christmas merchandising efforts has revealed that jewelers are throwing unusual support behind their tie-in campaigns," said Frank Brodsky, Advertising Manager of Frank Brodsky The Elgin National Watch Company, in an interview last week. "We feel that this is particularly significant for the evidence it gives that jewelers are taking advantage cf the intensive national advertising now being run for them." 

"The advertising program of The Elgin National Watch Company, for example, is one of the most comprehensive we have ever conducted. And it is gratifying to note that jewelers are making exceptionally strong efforts to cash in on it to the full"

"In this connection, one retailer - Sallans of Detroit - has instituted a program of dominant color advertising in newspapers. The ads in this effective campaign tie in closely with our own nattional program. They are of 5 column by 18 inches in size, and gain their distinction not only by their brilliant use of color but by their excellent makeup as well. Appearing as they do, right at the time the Elgin National Advertising program is gathering momentum, these advertisements cannot help but register a noteworthy sales boom for Sallans." Mr. Brodsky also pointed out that "even these retailers who are not featuring such spectacular tie-in advertisements as Sallans, are doing a far more intensive job of advertising than is customary. Requests for free mats of ready-to-run newspaper advertisements have hit new highs this year," he said.

"And it is significant that we are experiencing a great increase in requests for the advertisements which feature our 17, 19 and 21 jeweled models. Not only do retailers apparently expect an increase in the number of units they will sell this year, but also a step-up in the quality of merchandise desired."

Window Displays Enjoying Wide Use

According to the same spokesman for the Elgin Company, dealers are also making full use of the display materials which have been furnished them. Reprints of Elgin full page, full color American Weekly advertising, and Elgin full color Rotogravure advertising, are appearing right now in jewelers' .windows. The full color double spread Elgin "preview" advertisement strikes tile eye again and again from the windows of jewelers on "Main Street," it is said. And retailers who have received the special Lord Elgin-Lady Elgin display that comes with six of these new watches, are featuring it prominently.

"In this window display advertising;" commented Mr. Brodsky, "retailers have again evidenced their understanding of the importance of Elgin's mammoth Pre-Christmas campaign. 58 million Elgin, full color advertising messages will reach Americans before Christmas. Arid one of the most effective means a retailer can use to focus this advertising on his own store is to tie in with it through his windows."

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