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Watches Presented to Lord and Lady Elgin

From Horology magazine, November, 1937

Watches Presented to Lord and Lady Elgin

A gala program, broadcast on two continents, Thursday, October 21st, introduced the new Lord and Lady Elgin Models.  These watches represent the newest achievement of the EIgin National Watch Company. The Lord Elgin is a 21-jewel model and the Lady Elgin a 19 jewel semi-baguette.  

The Right Honorable EarI of Elgin and Kincardine, K.T., C.M.G., and his lady, the Countess of Elgin and Kincardine, were recipients of the first watches named in their honor. They were a gift from the city of Elgin, Illinois, named for the illustrious family of the present title-bearer. The watches were presented in silver boxes, inscribed with the Elgin crest, in London, England, by Mr. Francis Powell, president of London's American Chamber of Commerce.  

Through the facilities of the British Broadcasting Company, Trans-Atlantic Radio and the Columbia Broadcasting System, the dedication speech of T. Albert Potter, president of the Elgin National Watch Company, and the expression of gratitude by Lord Elgin were heard on 50 American stations. The program was climaxed by Lord and Lady Elgin setting their watches to the "time from the stars" tonebeat-exact to hundredths of a second-radio-transmitted from the Elgin National Watch Company Observatory at Elgin. 

The American broadcast emanated from the Red Lacquer Room of the Palmer House where several hundred civic leaders, wholesale distributors and company officials banqueted. Toastmaster Harry C. Daniels, president of Elgin's Association of Commerce, traced briefly the history of Elgin through the days of Chief Blackhawk, Joliet and Marquette to the settlement along the river in 1835, the start by a handful of skilled workmen --of the Elgin N ational Watch Company and the founding, in 1865, of an industry that was to attain world-renown. 

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