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17 Leading Publications Used By Elgin to Boom Graduation Watch Buying

From The American Horologist magazine, May, 1937

17 Leading Publications Used By Elgin to Boom Graduation Watch Buying

32,000,000 Elgin Selling Messages Take Watches Into the Homes of Jewelers' Customers and Prospects. Full Color Pages to Be Used.

"All Previous Graduation Watch-Selling Records Shattered!" "Jewelers Experience Best Commencement Season in History!" "May-June Volume in Time Pieces Reaches New High Level!"

Are these headlines typical of the sort that will make their appearance as the graduation season draws to a close? The answer is "Yes," according to the officials of The Elgin National Watch Company. And as one important factor in the success of the season, they point to Elgin's advertising program in national magazines-one of the most impressive watch-selling campaigns ever launched in the pre-graduation season.

The 17 magazines which have been chosen to carry the Elgin story represent the cream of America's publications.

Both of the country's leading weeklies high school students will appear in Scholastic, the American High School Weekly. And special ads will be running in Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Motor Boating, The Sportsman, The Yachtsman, National Sportsman and Yachting.

Full Pages in Color

To assure jewelers maximum results from the Elgin advertising, full pages in full color will appear in all the big circulation magazines on the list. Each of these pages shows a wide selection of Elgin watches-the models expected to be most in demand during the graduation period. The background of each page is brilliantly handled in graduation colors for attention-value-and the time pieces themselves appear in their natural tones of gold and platinum. The text of each advertisement is directed toward those who desire to choose a truly fine, lasting gift at commencement.

All in all, more than 32,000,000 Elgin advertisements will appear in these 17 publications during the pre-graduation season. As Elgin spokesmen point out, this exceeds the number of families in the United States by some 2,000,000.

The added fact that the Elgin advertisements will reach -the nation's best buying prospects, through the selective circulation of the magazines used, emphasizes the power and effectiveness of the campaign.

Matching the crescendo of graduation buying, The Elgin National Watch Company this month brings its impressive commencement promotion to a climax with advertising in the entire list of 17 publications shown here. 

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