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Nine New Elgin DeLuxe 17 Jewel Models Take the Spot Light

From The American Horologist magazine, March, 1940

Nine New Elgin DeLuxe 17 Jewel Models Take the Spot Light

Nine brilliant beauties of the timekeeping family of Elgin National Watch Company are making a collective bow to the jewelry fraternity this month with a special flyer to announce their appearance. In the family of new models making their debut are five women's watches and four men's. One model for each group is cased in the new rose gold which is highlighted in fashion circles.

The nine DeLuxe models have in common five features which are: (1) all have 17 jewels, (2) exclusive Elginium patented hairspring which is non-magnetic, rustproof and unaffected by climatic and temperature changes, (3) Beryl-X balance which is also non-corrosive, non-magnetic and unaffected by climatic and temperature changes, (4) special grooved balance staff whose feature is that it can be readily replaced because it can be removed with a staking tool without distortion to the balance, (5) all models will be unusual values at $37.50 each.

Out to announce the new line of DeLuxe Elgins is a flyer in attractive color and form. Its four pages in gray and dubonnet highlight the watches attractively with the two rose gold models shown in actual color.

The advance piece of news given in this announcement is that a special advertising program exclusively for the Elgin DeLuxe line will run in two-color, half-page advertisements in such leading publications as Liberty, Collier's and Saturday Evening Post.

This special advertising is only the first part of the year's picture of Elgin advertising. It is following by a program of full-page ads which will appear in Life magazine. Then, a special graduation campaign will run not only in full-color ads on Lord and Lady Elgins, but also full-color ads on Elgin watches in general including all nine new DeLuxe models. 

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