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Retail Jewelers Winning Recognition As Headquarters for Accurate Time

From The American Horologist magazine, September 1938

Retail Jewelers Winning Recognition As Headquarters
for Accurate Time 

Now you become an authority for accurate time and science steps in to help the cause.

The engineering and research department of Henry Paulson & Co. have just completed a new instrument for complete time signals direct from the United States Naval Observatory at Washington.  This station is the source of accurate time for the United States Navy and never before has an instrument been capable of picking up these exclusive time signals.

Now, with this new instrument, known as the Paulson Time Receiver, a machine licensed under patent applications and manufactured under RCA license as well, you can receive the same signals as the U. S. Naval ships all over the world, with unquestioned accuracy.

Now you know you have the right time. No guessing. In order to create enough power to bring in the signals from the U. S. Navy station at Washington, a specially constructed receiving set was necessary and at the same time it was important to have the lowest possible cost.

Two years have been spent in preparing this instrument, and we wish to thank the many jewelers as well as engineers and laboratories who helped our own department in perfecting this instrument.

You receive the time signals directly into your store and the instrument is built to bring in the U. S. Naval Observatory time signals only.

No other brcadcast is received. These signals are received every hour beginning five minutes before the hour with a series of tone signals, ending with an accurate signal on the hour.

The instrument is in an attractive two tone walnut finished cabinet, size 8 1/2 x 6 3/4.  Size excellent for use in a window or on show case or bench if desired. It requires very little room.
The Paulson Co. have also constructed a special aerial which they ask to be used with their machine, or your own aerial is satisfactory if properly built and connected.

The instrument sells to the retail jeweler, complete ready to use, for $39.50, with $1.00 extra for the special aerial.

For further information write to Henry Paulson & Co., sole distributors, 37 So. Wabash, Chicago. This is just one of the many interesting items and sales builders shown in the new Paulson Voice of the Retail Jeweler recently mailed.

If you did not receive your copy, the Paulson Co. will be glad to mail one free, postage paid.

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