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Protective Watchmakers' Legislation

From The American Horologist magazine, September 1938

Protective Watchmakers' Legislation 

What has been a dream of most legitimate horologists and jewelers for many years is now becoming a reality.

The entire industry is conscious of this forceful movement which is sponsored by the Horological and Jewelry Associations' interests.

U. H. A. of A. representing nationally the greatest number of organized Horologist Associations has sponsored this movement and aided in this work. The Wisconsin Association, which is a definite unit of U. H. A. of A. and the only successful state to date in realizing the actual benefits of Watchmakers' Legislation, is proof of what can be done.

Wherever our associations are, they are sponsoring legislative acts and next year a surprising number of bills will be presented, many of which will pass.

These legislative walls present a serious problem, not only to the states without protection, but to the states who erect them. The laws must be enforced; a policing organization is necessary and that must be a state association with strength in ethical membership.

The unprotected, inactive states will be confronted with an influx of undesirable element which will undermine stability of prices and wages. This being the case, and you know it will be true, no state can afford to turn a deaf ear to the cause. You should become organized at once and, if organized, should start your work along legislative and educational lines.

If you wish aid, drop a line to National Headquarters as U. H. A. of A. is in a definite position to help you organize your complete program of organization, education, fraternalism, and legal problems.

(The Jewelers' Circular Keystone is conducting a Legislative Survey to ascertain action and interest along all jewelry and watchmaking lines. We urge those associations who were contacted for information to act speedily and return the questionnaire at once. Results will appear in their publication at an early date.) 

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