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An Absolute Beginner's Guide To A Movement Service

I just ran across this nice article on doing a very basic watch overhaul with minimal tools.


It's a pretty good overview for anyone with some mechanical inclination who wants to learn something about how their watch operates. I would add that an actual oiler, a tool intended for that purpose, should be used. Basic oilers are not expensive and learning to use them makes a big difference in getting oil where it should be, in small amounts, and no place that it shouldn't be. It's also worth mentioning that although the point about "bounce reduction" is a good one, ordinary paper towels aren't optimal for use in the way suggested. Something completely lint-free is preferable.

Waltham Royal

Here's an American Waltham Royal in an extra nice hunter case.

Note the setting lever near the 4:00 mark.

Elgin Advertising, 1928

This solves the Graduation Gift problem

This day of a lifetime should be honored by a lifetime gift.  And what sounder choice could you make than an Elgin watch! It has all the qualities you would have in a graduation presentation to your boy or girl...  Modern beauty new-day style, unfailing accuracy, and lifetime usefulness.  These and other new models may be seen at your jeweler's...  Elgin prices range from $15 to $1500; and each watch, at whatever price, carries the Elgin guarantee...  Elgin National Watch Company, Elgin, U.S.A.

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