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Hamilton 944

This is an 18 size, lever-set Hamilton. We don't see many of these.

This one has a private label dial marked "Archie M. McDougall".

Question Box

From Horology magazine, November, 1937

Question Box

Watches Balk

Dear Sir:

So many watches come in for cleaning only and after they are cleaned nicely and put back together some of the watches balk or stop running in the course of a few hours or maybe during the night. Seemingly no cause that can be found, jewels are all perfect, and no side play.

Find the greater trouble in Swiss watches as well as some American watches. We found the trouble in most all makes of watches.
Yours truly,
L. W. S.

Answer: From your letter we conclude that your troubles are not due to just one fault. There are hundreds of reasons why a watch will stop. Only an examination of each individual case will determine the exact cause.

Our suggestion would be an intensive study of both theoretical and practical horology. With greater knowledge of the subject you will find increasing ability to recognize defects in watches. As far as we can see the only solution to your problem is further study.

Elgin Advertising, 1927

Make Every Day "Mother's Day" in the Service of Your Gift

Any gift is a thrilling gift to mother...  it it comes on the wings of your devotion.  But why not an Elgin...  As your message to mother on Mother's Day this year?  Imagine her gaiety when she slips on the exquisite, ultra thin Elgin Wrist Watch, a tiny poem in white gold or platinum.  An imagine your satisfaction...  when you reflect that her Elgin will deliver to her ceaselessly, through its service and its beauty, that message of everlasting devotion which... all too often... you forget to send.

The Watch Word For Elegance and Efficiency

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